Conference Program on October 21st
RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021: Conference Program on October 21st

Conference Program on October 21st

Conference Program Day 2

40 lectures took place at the tomorrow 2021 LIVE at the RMCC in Wiesbaden on October 20th & 21st.

International experts shared their expertise and know-how live on stage from 09:40 to 16:30 CEST on October 21st. The topics covered:

Industrial IoT & Automotive ┃ Healthcare & Security ┃ Retail & Consumer IoT ┃ Logistics & Supply Chain ┃ Wireless IoT Technologies

The technologies covered:

RFID, NFC, BLE, UWB, RTLS, LoRaWAN, NB IoT, 4G/5G, Bluetooth, Mioty, SigFox, WiFi, AI

All lectures were held in English and were livestreamed on the digital event platform for the tomororw 2021 VIRTUAL.

On-demand videos of all conference lectures are now available on the virtual event platform until 16.11.2021.

Learn more about various different solutions, applications and products, all relating to wireless IoT technologies.

Below, you will find the stars of the conference!

Confirmed Lectures
Emmanuel Arene
Emmanuel Arene
CEO, Primo1D
09:40 –10:00
How Does Embedded RFID Enhance the Product Journey?
  • Why embedded now?
  • What does embedded mean?
  • Use case examples in retail and industrial assets
Frithjof Walk
Frithjof Walk
Chairman, AIM Europe/DACH
Market & Business Development – Obstacles for the Adoption of Wireless IoT Technologies
  • Standards for Wireless ID Technologies
  • Global Harmonization of Wireless Technologies
  • Regulative and Administrative Players
  • Security Issues using Wireless Technologies
Kathrein Solutions
Michael Kaiser
Michael Kaiser
Director Product Management, Kathrein Solutions
RTLS or RFID? – The Solution is RTLS and RFID!
  • Precise localization in the warehouse with Time of Flight RTLS
  • Dynamic RTLS application for industrial forklifts with TDOA
  • Outdoor RTLS – AOA is the solution
  • Identifying and localizing – the two sides of the same medal
Michael Zehnpfennig
Michael Zehnpfennig
EMEA Business Development, Wiliot
10:40 –11:00
How to Scale the IoT to Trillions – Sensing as a Service with Sticker Sized Computers
  • Bringing intelligence and connectivity to new classes of everyday things
  • The evolution of self-powered compute devices
  • Applications and implications for the ecosystem of brands and IoT companies
Lionel Geynet
Lionel Geynet
Project Manager, Asygn
11:00 –11:20
A Key Enabler for Industry 4.0 Data Collection
  • RFID sensing
  • Battery-less
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Harsh environment
  • Full RAIN RFID compliance
OPC Foundation
Stefan Hoppe
Stefan Hoppe
President & Executive Director, OPC Foundation
11:20 –11:40
OPC UA: Status & Roadmap – Including TSN, 5G
  • Technology Update: OPC UA – the collection of technology bricks
  • OPC UA for field extensions including functional safety, 5G
  • News & updates: UAcademic program – UA-Starter-Kit
  • Looking forward: Connection to AAS, Digital Twin and GAIA-X
Borda Technology
Akin Altunbas
Akin Altunbas
CEO & Co-Founder, Borda Technology
11:40 –12:00
IoT for Healthcare
  • Problems and solutions in healthcare operations
  • Combination of hardware, software, and professional services to create end-to-end IoT products
  • Patient Throughput Management, Infant Safety, Patient Safety, Asset Inventory Management, Asset Utilization, Asset Safety, Staff Safety, Staff Utilization, Work-Demand Management, Environmental Monitoring
  • Real-life hospital applications & impact of IoT and RTLS
Peter Albrecht
Peter Albrecht
MBA Industry Consultant Manufacturing, Lexmark
12:00 –12:20
RFID Pallet Tracking Solution – Simple and Easy to Implement
  • A4 pallet labels with RFID transponders are automatically printed and RFID encoded
  • Use of Lexmark RFID printer helps generate labels in 7x24 operation
  • Low error rate and robust hardware help to optimize processes and save costs
  • All necessary accompanying documents are printed out in one operation
Hendrik Schnabel
Hendrik Schnabel
Product Management UHF, Turck
12:20 –12:40
Extending the Use of RFID in Warehouses: How to Mix-and-Match RFID Gates and Forklifts
  • Collecting RFID data in your intralogistic process – with RFID gates or forklifts?
  • Track materials and goods in your intralogistic process – with RFID gates or forklifts?
Zebra Technologies
Daniel Dombach
Daniel Dombach
Director EMEA Industry Solutions, Zebra Technologies
12:40 –13:00
Delivering Smart Warehousing: Accelerate Your Digital Journey with Zebra’s Warehouse Maturity Model and Technology Solutions”
  • Warehouses are maturing quickly, but not all at the same pace (and not necessarily as fast as they could or should)
  • Labour challenges, technology distruptors, unpredictable inventory and unprecedented e-commerce fulfilment
  • Achieve greater team productivity and workflow conformity
Stefan Heimerl
Stefan Heimerl
13:00 –13:20
MESH-IoT Use Cases in Logistics
  • How can supply chain visibility, i.e. end-to-end transparency of the supply chain, be achieved?
  • How costly is the necessary infrastructure?
  • What aspects need to be taken into account when considering cost-effectiveness?
  • Standard BLE vs. MESH IoT BLE
David Beit-On
David Beit-On
Head of Sales, Tadbik
Box & Pallet Pooling Management with RTI Solutions
  • Circulation and pooling services management challenges
  • Supply chain operational demand
  • Design & plan
  • Use cases & ROI
Lyngsoe Systems
Christian Meinhardt
Christian Meinhardt
Sales Director, Retail & Logistics, Lyngsoe Systems
Create Visibility and Transparency in your Supply Chain Operation Utilizing IoT Technologies
  • Why use RFID and BLE technologies to create visibility in supply chain flows
  • How to optimize the journey of products from raw material to finished goods and beyond with captured RFID/BLE data
  • Where and how to begin the journey
  • Example cases & ROI
Burhan Gündüz
Burhan Gündüz
Global Vice President, Elatec
14:30 –14:50
Secure Access Solutions for Smart Hospitals and Offices
  • How the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing access control requirements in healthcare and where RFID fits in a Digital Transformation strategy
  • The fundamentals of RFID and BLE/NFC technologies and how they are used to improve security, convenience and support costs for user authentication and access control
Michael Baucke
Michael Baucke
Director Market Development, Tageos
14:50 –15:10
How RFID Can Enable Better Healthcare Supply Chains and Patient Safety
  • Improve supply chain agility and robustness from manufacturing to patient
  • Gain visibility down to unit-of-use medications or product packages
  • Enhance sustainability of medical products and RFID tags
  • Identify the right RFID tagging solution for pharmaceuticals and medical devices
Frieder Hansen
Frieder Hansen
CEO, Infrafon
15:10 –15:30
Infrafon Process Digitalization – When BYOD Doesn’t Fit
  • A tech approach for organizations that want to engage customers, patients or employees in temporary communication processes.
  • A check-in kiosk automatically dispenses a small and light Infrafon CC1 Smart-badge with HighRes ePaper display.
  • To what extent does Infrafon increase network security?
Jamy Michel
Jamy Michel
Senior Business Developer, Linxens
15:30 –15:50
Connected Solutions for the Future of Healthcare
  • Home Diagnosis / Health Monitoring
  • Standalone Point of Care
  • Connected Devices, RFID Wearables
  • Smart Wounds / Data Transfer
  • Medical Devices Track and Trace
Giovanni Codegoni
Giovanni Codegoni
Sales Director, LAB ID
15:50 –16:10
Connecting Authentic Products with RFID Technology: Real Cases from LAB ID Experience
  • Brand authentication
  • Redirection service
  • Digital Platform
  • RFID Solutions
  • Customer experience
Thorsten Wischnewski
Thorsten Wischnewski
ppa./Global Sales Director, All4Labels
16:10 –16:30
Protecting Brands, Engaging Customers
  • Brand protection
  • D2C
  • Sustainability
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Adding value to products
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