Save the Date: October 19th & 20th 2022

Secure and Anonymous Contact Tracing Presented at #WIOTtomorrow20 DIGITAL

The On-Site Contact Tracing System Will be Presented by Race Result at the Conference!

TAVI enables the effective implementation of visitor flow measurements, contact tracing and capacity recording. Using UHF transponder technology, all participants and employees of events are anonymously traced, separated by defined rooms and areas.

Nikias Klohr, CTO & Co-Founder, Race Result will present the solution on November 25th at the Wireless IoT Tech against COVID-19 Forum and the Security & Smart City Forum on November 26th.

Event Info
Live stream Conference from Nov 23rd to Dec 3rd
Virtual Exhibition from Nov 23rd to Dec 18th

Mass Quarantine for Everyone is Avoided

If a participant subsequently tests positive for the virus, it is possible to trace who has been in the same room with the infected person for a longer period of time. This would mean that only those who had been close to the infected person for a longer period of time would have to be quarantined afterwards. In this way, tests and possible quarantine measures can be more targeted. Participants who are proven to have had no contact can be automatically excluded. Quarantine for everyone can thus be prevented.

Data is Evaluated Separately According to Areas

"The system consists of three components. All participants and employees will wear featherweight, 1.5 mm thin UHF RFID transponders on their badges. The signals are received by track boxes. The autonomously operating boxes are installed at different points. Within a radius of up to ten meters, all transponder signals are automatically received and forwarded to a secure server via a wireless network. The specially developed TAVI software then enables a targeted evaluation of the data, separated according to different rooms or areas," says Nikias Klohr, explaining the solution.

Data Protection is Guaranteed

The data can be used to determine how many people are in a conference room or which areas in the exhibition hall are hotspots. This allows for regulatory intervention if necessary. TAVI only analyzes and stores anonymous transponder codes. The collected data of the track boxes is stored on the server with date and time.

On demand, the system calculates which transponders have met during a certain period of time near track boxes. The contact duration is recorded securely and anonymously. Data access and the assignment of transponders to the respective visitors is only possible for the event organizer.

Be There Digitally

Visit the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL from November 23rd until December 18th!

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