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#WIOTtomorrow20 LIVE shows full range of Wireless IoT technologies

On October 27th & 28th, over 60 exhibitors at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow will showcase first-class technological know-how!

The RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow will present the entire range of wireless IoT technologies in practical use and as technological innovations. Find out which product is the right one for the most effective solution.

What is the optimal system integration? What do companies need to consider when they want to integrate wireless IoT technologies into their processes?

These questions will be answered in the exhibition. More than 60 exhibitors will present plug-and-play products, provide advice on "how to do" and promote the acquisition of know-how - personally and safely!

Event Info
09:00 - 17:00
27th & 28th October 2020
Darmstadt near Frankfurt Airport,

Wireless IoT technologies at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow

  • RFID (LF, HF/NFC, UHF) for applications in industry, logistics, retail, healthcare and the public sector
  • BLE for high ranges and data volumes in the following applications: Condition monitoring, localization or proximity marketing in retail
  • LPWAN generates high ranges with extreme energy efficiency. Areas of application: Smart Metering, condition monitoring on large areas such as airports, or sensor data transmission in smart cities
  • UWB as a robust and long-range technological basis for RTLS applications in industrial and logistics indoor applications – for tracking and locating objects in production for example
  • ORM – Optical codes, such as barcodes or QR-codes, ensure cost-effective, albeit simple, marking of products as printed labels. As laser markings they offer high robustness against external influences.
  • 5G/4G enable real-time sensitive processes like autonomous driving or smart industrial automation.
  • Wireless Sensor Technology – passive, semi-passive or active – is fundamental for the realization of applications in smart cities, industrial production or health care. The decentralized or mobile acquisition of parameters such as temperature, humidity or vibration generates a transparent image of production machines, logistic processes or entire cities.

Seven companies celebrate their premiere as exhibitors at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 LIVE

  • Intranav is an independent Real-Time Location & Sensor Data Service Provider – Made in Germany.
  • Plöckl Media Group is specialized in the development and production of RFID and barcode labels and tags.
  • ELA Innovation develops and produces ultra-low-power components – antennas, readers, beacons, sensors – for active RFID and BLE applications.
  • Victor Buck Services produces sustainable RFID inlays in Europe, based on individually printed antenna layouts.
  • Rinas is a device and system manufacturer for card and ticket production with high-quality OEM, RFID and magnetic card write-readers.
  • AceProx manufactures and sells LF and HF RFID hardware components – readers and transponders – to system integrators and hardware manufacturers.
  • Arizon RFID Technology manufactures RFID inlays, labels and tags and provides ODM&OEM services to RFID companies and system integrators.
  • Xerafy uses RFID tags and labels to support industrial IoT applications for aerospace, oil and gas, manufacturing, utilities and healthcare.

Parallel to the Exhibition: Eight Forums in the conference on current topics in RFID & Wireless IoT Technology

Safety is the Top Priority for the Conference

This means: Fixed seating, consistent ventilation, secure access to the forum rooms, communication at a distance, lunch break directly in the event room and the wearing of masks when entering the room. The mask may be removed once seated.

The objective: Knowledge flow, solution finding, gaining know-how, asking questions, getting answers – personally and safely, with full concentration on the RFID & Wireless IoT topics and in the middle of the "New Reality".

Competence and product innovations in the trade exhibition

Over 60 companies from 15 nations have already bindingly confirmed their participation. More than 70 exhibitors are expected. In 2020, the list of exhibitors includes companies from Europe in particular, but Asian and North American companies are also doing their utmost to participate in what will probably be the only RFID & WIoT live trade fair in 2020.

Manufacturers of readers, antennas, transponders, labels and printers are represented, along with system integrators, technology consultants, and software developers. Wireless IoT technologies in the exhibition: RFID, NFC, BLE, LPWAN, UWB, ORM and sensor technology.

Accreditation Commences on October 1st

Participant accreditation begins on October 1st. After this date, exhibition and conference tickets will be available at the Ticket Shop.

Pre-registration is Worthwhile - 15 % Discount!

Pre-registration for available seats has been activated as of today. Every participant who submits the non-binding pre-registration now will receive a 15% discount voucher code in the ticket store from October 1st. The discount will automatically be credited against the cost of participation. Pre-registration is therefore well worthwhile.

Prices in Euro incl. Tax

  • All-Inclusive Ticket (2 days): 690 € incl. Tax
  • Conference Day Ticket (incl. exhibition): 390 € incl. Tax
  • Exhibition Only Day Ticket : 59 € incl. Tax

Visit the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 LIVE on October 27th and 28th in Darmstadt near Frankfurt Airport, Germany!

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