Save the Date: October 19th & 20th 2022

Kathrein Displays Successful Use Cases in Variety of Industries

Learn how Kathrein's Portfolio Optimizes Among Others the Textile Industry, Supply Chain and Automotive Industry!

At the digital booth of the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL, Kathrein Solutions presents high-performance complete solution concepts, such as an automated eKanBan process based on the Kathrein AutoId Suite CrossTalk, the ARU 2400 UHF reader with integrated antenna, and special Smart Shelf SMSH antennas together with the integration know-how for optimal implementation.

Learn more at the digital booth of Kathrein Solutions – available 24/7 now until December 18th!

Event Info
Live stream Conference from Nov 23rd to Dec 3rd
Virtual Exhibition from Nov 23rd to Dec 18th

Kanban Improving your Supply Chain

Learn how a car manufacturer uses certified RFID hardware components from Kathrein. For instance, shelves equipped with KanBan antennas enable automatic material retrieval. The result: Unobstructed, predictable cycles and reduction of waiting times have been significantly improved throughout the logistics process. This forms the perfect base for digitized manufacturing in the future.

Don't miss Onur Yildiz and Christian Schnebinger's lecture on December 3rd in the “Logistics & Supply Chain” Forum live on how eKanban improves your internal logistics and supply chain.

In addition, Michael Kaiser, Director for Product and Partner Management, presented technology independent software solutions that save and improve your IoT investment in the “Wireless IoT Technology” Forum on November 30th. The lecture can be seen at Kathrein's digital booth as of the beginning of next week.

RFID in Vehicle Logistics in Plants

Learn how RFID readers from Kathrein at several production plants, increase the transparency of the vehicle management processes significantly, and lead to a considerable reduction in time required for locating a vehicle and an optimal use of the available resources and parking spaces.

Track & Trace: From the Vineyard to the Bottle

Learn more about how Track & Trace technology increases the supply chain transparency at Ca' del Bosco, a modern and advanced cellar from Italy. With the solution by Kathrein the winemaker can now trace back the varieties of grapes to the original vineyard and RAIN RFID tagged pallets identify and register the tents inside the warehouse. The result: increase of overall efficiency, accuracy and control in the entire supply chain.

Decentralized Laundry Services

By using SmartShelf antennas and RFID readers from Kathrein the workwear textile flow of goods becomes more transparent. All textiles are identified at supply chain points during processes of stocking, collection, return, and disposal. The result: A constant transparency and continuous documentation of the life cycle of all textiles. And real-time inventory is visible immediately. Learn more at the digital booth!

Learn more about Kathrein's Products and Solutions Digitally!

  • CrossTalk Software Suite
  • ARU 2400 RFID Antenna Reader Unit
  • ARU 8500 Antenna Reader Unit
  • RRU 4570 Reader Unit
  • ARU 3560 Antenna Reader Unit
  • Wide Range 30° Antenna Unit
  • Mid Range Antenna Unit
  • Smart Shelf Antenna Unit
  • RTLS-N-1000 Transponder
  • RTLS-N-1000 Node

Visit Kathrein Solutions Digitally!

Learn more at the digital booth of Kathrein Solutions and find additional contact information.

The digital exhibition of the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL show is already open and will be available until December 18th. You can still register here free of charge.

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