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Industrial IoT Forum with 8 Presentations on Oct 27th

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Topics on the agenda of the Industrial IoT Forum:

  • Short-Range WIoT technologies for the digital transformation of industry and supply chains,
  • Wireless condition monitoring in a real-world application,
  • Assignment of AutoID devices via OPC UA in asset tracking,
  • Connection of long-range UHF and security for tracing applications,
  • Real-time IoT platform for industrial RTLS with UWB,
  • BLE or GPS for indoor & outdoor localization,
  • Tool and material management with miniaturized RFID tags,
  • Tracking with UWB,
  • Integration of UHF RFID in production logistics processes in over 30 factories in Africa and the Middle East

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Event Info
09:00 - 17:00
27th & 28th October 2020
Darmstadt near Frankfurt Airport, Germany

After countless exhibition and conference cancellations this year, the world's only RFID & Wireless IoT event in 2020 will open its doors in less than a month. In the fascinating atmosphere of the darmstadtium, more than 50 exhibitors from 15 nations and almost 70 speakers await you – in the real, new reality!

The Darmstadtium is located in the center of Darmstadt, in direct proximity to Frankfurt. You can find information on travel and accommodation here.

8 Forums, Over 60 Speakers

Agenda: Industrial IoT

  • Alexander Abeln, Confidex, How short-range wireless technologies enable digital transformation of industries and supply chains
  • Guido Kuhrmann, HID Global, New cost-effective technologies for wireless Condition Monitoring in Practice
  • Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation & Herbert Koebe, Leuze electronic, Mapping of an AutoID Device in the Asset-Management-Shell based on OPC UA
  • Oliver Pütz-Gerbig, Balluff, Security at the highest level – Traceability and Authentication with a new UHF LongRange Reader System
  • Ersan Günes, Intranav, Multi-Technology Platform for digital RTLS Services for Edge & Cloud
  • Matthias Höß, Neosid, RFID Transponder NeoTAG for the Identification of Tools and Materials
  • Dr. Matthias Jöst, Omlox Profibus International – PI, Omlox – the open locating standard unified access to location data – seamless Tracking With UWB
  • Ahmed Ghallab, OGTech, Integrating RFID-Enabled Supply Chains in Factories

Safe. Healthy. Successful.

The organization team offers a well thought-out safety and hygiene concept. This includes the equalization of the density of people on the area, compliance with the minimum distance, the provision of meeting points, increased fresh air supply, implementation of the catering regulations, meeting space in the outdoor area and other tools to ensure the highest standards of hygiene.

The RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 Live Exhibition

Over 50 companies from 15 nations are preparing for their participation.

Manufacturers of readers, antennas, transponders, labels and printers are represented, along with system integrators, technology consultants, and software developers. Wireless IoT technologies in the exhibition: RFID, NFC, BLE, LPWAN, UWB, ORM and sensor technology.

These Companies Celebrate their Premiere as Exhibitors at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 LIVE

  • m2m Germany is a B2B specialist for state-of-the-art wireless communication technologies. Consulting, development, manufacturing and sales of M2M & IoT solutions are the focus of the company.
  • Talkin'Things is a full-service provider of IoT systems based on the tagging of networked products with game-changing 0.03 US dollar NFC/RFID chips.
  • Omlox is an open standard for precise real-time indoor localization systems, combining various localization technologies such as UWB, Wi-Fi, GPS, 5G, RFID, and BLE.
  • Intranav is an independent Real-Time Location & Sensor Data Service Provider – Made in Germany.
  • Plöckl Media Group is specialized in the development and production of RFID and barcode labels and tags.
  • ELA Innovation develops and produces ultra-low-power components – antennas, readers, beacons, sensors – for active RFID and BLE applications.
  • Victor Buck Services produces sustainable RFID inlays in Europe, based on individually printed antenna layouts.
  • Rinas is a device and system manufacturer for card and ticket production with high-quality OEM, RFID and magnetic card write-readers.
  • AceProx Identifikationssysteme manufactures and sells LF and HF RFID hardware components – readers and transponders – to system integrators and hardware manufacturers.
  • Arizon RFID Technology manufactures RFID inlays, labels and tags and provides ODM&OEM services to RFID companies and system integrators.
  • Xerafy uses RFID tags and labels to support industrial IoT applications for aerospace, oil and gas, manufacturing, utilities and healthcare.

Prices in Euro incl. Tax

  • All-Inclusive Ticket (2 days): 690 € incl. Tax
  • Conference Day Ticket (incl. exhibition): 390 € incl. Tax
  • Exhibition Only Day Ticket : 59 € incl. Tax

Entry to Germany (Federal state of Hessen)

Germany differentiates the entry procedure according to the area of origin. The Federal Government continuously checks which areas are to be classified as risk areas. If you enter from a non-risk area, there are no restrictions at all.

If you enter from a risk area, a negative PCR (Corona) test result is required, which must not be older than 48 hours. Our recommendation: Do a PCR test before departure at your home town and make your way to Darmstadt with a negative PCR test result or have the PCR test performed at Frankfurt Airport. The result is available within 6 hours!

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Visit the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 LIVE on October 27th and 28th in Darmstadt!

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