Save the Date: October 19th & 20th 2022

r-pac Takes Part in the Retailium at #WIOTtomorrow19

Leading solutions for RFID item-level tagging will be demonstrated

r-pac, a global leader in delivering innovative branding and packaging solutions is leading the industry in item-level tagging for retailers from source-to-store. Our solution set for implementation across the entire value-chain makes r-pac your partner of choice for an RFID program, from pilot to full-scale implementation.

Event Info
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM (+ evening event)
October 29 & 30, 2019
Darmstadt near Frankfurt, Germany

More than ever, companies, including brand owners, manufacturers and retailers are turning to r-pac for RFID solutions to improve their business.

r-pac’s broad product portfolio incorporates all the elements of an RFID program from the selection of hardware to custom-converted labels and tags with RFID technology.

r-pac specializes in RFID products that seamlessly integrate into your current manufacturing, distribution and retail processes. If you already have equipment, we can design a solution to fit into your present labeling and tagging program, and we can suggest changes for improvement.

r-trac™ Data Management

r-pac has developed a proprietary web-based data management solution called r-trac™ to manage data-intensive programs. r-trac™ is a proven system for managing EPCs with hundreds of millions of tags already “commissioned” without error or duplication. In addition to EPC encoding, r-trac™ serves as a module based suite of solutions and services ranging from inventory, ordering and reporting of high volume activity.

r-trac™ Retail Services

r-pac serves as a one-stop shop for complete RFID solutions with r-trac™ Retail Services. Successful RFID programs use r-trac™ Retail Services as a easy-to-use software that provides continuous visibility into their supply chains through real-time dashboards and reporting of EPC activity.

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