Save the Date: October 19th & 20th 2022

The digital revolution in the medical world - Get your ticket!

Calling all Healthcare Experts!

As the population grows older, the need for innovative solutions in healthcare grows greater--and the prediction of 20 billion networked medical devices worldwide by 2020 will likely be a welcome development.

Event Info
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM (+ evening event)
October 29 & 30, 2019
Darmstadt near Frankfurt, Germany

On October 30th, healthcare experts from around the world will meet at the darmstadtium in southern Germany to discuss the digital revolution that is taking place in the medical world.

Hospitals from Denmark and Germany to the UAE and Austria are incorporating automation to improve workflow, track goods, control lab processes, and improve patient care.

Learn more from Healthcare Denmark, Asklepios, University Hospital Graz, and OG Tech. Join experts from HID Global, Fraunhofer IMS, Fujitsu, Intellifi and Smartrac Technology Group.

Hear about the multiple uses of RFID: RFID in precision medicine, RFID that's cryo-resistant, RFID that's been incorporated into plasters, RFID that tracks uniforms, and so much more in the healthcare forum. Come to Forum 3: Healthcare on October 30th!

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With presentations by more than 70 experts split into 8 different forums covering Automotive, Retail, Healthcare, Logistics and Industrial IoT, as well as the technology topics of Digitalization, Hardware and Software, there's plenty to absorb at this year's Conference.

Take advantage of our high concentration of global tech exhibitors

This year marks a significant increase in the size and scope of our Exhibition. With nearly 100 exhibitors assembled from over 35 countries, this is the place for you to get in touch with the companies leading the way in their application of technology.

Exhibitors will share their newest tech solutions in RFID, NFC, BLE as well as LPWAN/LoRaWAN, RTLS and more. Make sure to set aside some time to explore the exhibition hall and expand your network of tech-savvy experts.

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Partners of the specialist congress are OPC Foundation, RAIN RFID, and AIM Global. Sponsors of RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow are FEIG Electronic, HID Global, Kathrein Solutions, Siemens and Turck.

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