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Our logistics experts have ideas for you

RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2019!

Walt Disney may have been slightly mistaken when he claimed "It's a small world after all." When it comes to logistics, it's a great big world out there--with ample opportunity for your products and materials to experience mishaps if not properly managed.

Event Info
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM (+ evening event)
October 29th & 30th 2019
Darmstadt near Frankfurt, Germany

Lucky for logistics experts, a wide variety of innovative tech tools is available. Your biggest challenge today is keeping up with the technology of tomorrow and investing in the right solutions to further improve your processes.

The RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2019 conference/exhibition can help!

At Europe's largest wireless IoT event, leading tech companies present product innovations, cutting-edge solutions and application examples for all of your logistics needs.

Looking for ways to improve process quality between point of origin and point of consumption? Our logistics experts have ideas for you!

  • By air: Find out how Istanbul's new airport—destined to be the world's largest—has incorporated LoRa and is digitizing all aspects of air travel. Hear from an RTLS expert who can demonstrate how RFID-enabled supply chains can ensure that your luggage never gets lost again.
  • By land: Learn more about the New Silk Road--China's largest infrastructure and investment project in history and how it will affect European-Chinese logistics networks. We've come a long way from Marco Polo and camel-covered trade routes, but are there new dangers to be aware of?
  • By sea: Hear about the Port of the Future--an EU project that will create a digital port that's sure to affect logistics and improve processes. Are the current shipping routes going to shift once new ports are built and better technologies incorporated?

As the global economy gets more intertwined, scrutiny of multi-national supply chains and international transportation routes is increasing.

Find out the best methods for tracking pallets and localizing skips. Take advantage of readers and receivers that transform big data into Smart Data. Utilize IoT cloud platforms to ensure that whether your goods are moving via freight trains, trucks, ships or planes, that transport is efficient and is driving growth and development in your company.

Don't miss: RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow October 29-30, 2019 at the darmstadtium, just outside Frankfurt, Germany

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Partners of the specialist congress are OPC Foundation, RAIN RFID, and AIM Global. Sponsors of RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow are FEIG Electronic, HID Global, Kathrein Solutions, Siemens and Turck.

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