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How China's Rise affects Tech Ties

RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2019!

Tune into the BBC, CNN or even ARD any night of the week and you are certain to hear at least one news story about China.

Whether the topic is the US-China trade war, huge infrastructure projects like the belt and road initiative, record-setting exports, double-digit economic growth, problems of pollution and/or possibilities of population growth...China's rise is ever more obvious and has huge implications on the rest of the world.

Event Info
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM (+ evening event)
October 29th & 30th 2019
Darmstadt near Frankfurt, Germany

Why should the nightly news matter to tech experts attending this year's RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow conference and exhibition? With a population of 1.3 billion, factories with enormous capacity, and leaders with grand plans, China is also making huge technological strides, playing an ever-greater part in the build-up of telecommunications networks, and setting standards in global, tech-related governing bodies.

Get a glimpse of the big picture at this year's RFID and Wireless IoT tomorrow where speakers and exhibitors will introduce aspects of China's influence and what it means for the rest of us.

Keynote speaker Dr. Benjamin Nitsche will discuss the New Silk Road, one of China's largest infrastructure and investment projects in history. How will it alter trade routes, affect logistics and supply chains, or even create new power alliances? And what's going on with 5G and Huawei?

China expert Prof. Dr. Sebastian Heilmann will explain how connected we already are with Chinese 3G and 4G networks, upon which 5G is being built. Are we facing a future security issue or overreacting to the shifting sands of modern economics? Dr. Heilmann will offer insight on the choices that Europe and the rest of the world face as China exports its digital ecosystem.

At our exhibition, see some of the latest and greatest 'Made in China' tech tools available today. Exhibitors such as OPP IOT, Andea Electronics, Huayuan, RichRFID, Tysin, Xminnov, Hopeland, POSTEK will travel from Shenzen, Shanghai and Xiamen to debut new solutions for your business.

There's isn't a better place to get the 40,000 foot view on China. Walk away from this year's RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow event knowing whether upgraded power grids and expanded tech transfer will mean improved infrastructure and stimulated industrialization...or if we're all headed towards debt-trap diplomacy.

Be there: RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow October 29-30, 2019 at the darmstadtium, just outside Frankfurt, Germany

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