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TU Munich Presented Wi-Fi Holography at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017!

Event highlight: leading research project presented at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow

Indoor tracking of objects and tools, 3D scans of buildings, localisation of persons trapped in rubble or earthquakes...

In the expert forums on "standardisation & research" and "logistics & supply chain", Friedemann Reinhard of TU Munich reported on possible applications for a new holographic 3D imaging technology.

Fotograph 2.0: creating wifi visibility

Microwave radiation is everywhere: mobile phones, routers, and numerous other devices emit microwave radiation. These waves are absorbed or dispersed by objects in their path. Researchers of TU Munich have succeeded in creating a three-dimensional image of the environment using wi-fi holography. Friedemann Reinhard PhD, head of the Emmy Noether Group for Quantum Sensing, Walter Schottky Institute of TUM, explains the basic outlines of the project:

"Holography shows the world as if we had eyes for wifi radiation. The 3D image created can be looked at from all sides. Shadows and reflections on the walls can be made visibile as well. Holography is capturing the entirety of the object. The hologram is a sort of fotograph 2.0, with added object information."

Wi-fi holography looks behind objects!

During the experiment, the researchers deployed a common wi-fi router with a mobile antenna and a fixed antenna. The mobile antenna was mounted on a mobile platform in order to enable movement along one axis. The fixed antenna served as a point of reference, recording an interference-free set of data

The hologram itself is digitally created by comparing phase and amplitude of both signals at each point. In this reconstructed three-dimensional image, bright spots are emitters and dark spots indicate objects. The larger the scanned area, the better the depth perception reached by the hologram - up to and including the possibility of looking behind objects!

TU Munich received Research & Solutions Award!

At RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017, the RFID & Wireless IoT Research & Solutions Award was presented for the first time. With the award, the organizers of the event want to project a signal for innovation and digital transformation. The Emmy Noether Group for Quantum Sensing, Walter Schottky Institute, TU Munich, was honoured for its work on wi-fi holography for object tracking applications. The award ceremony took place on September 27, 2017, directly following the lectures of Developer Day.

Friedemann Reinhard accepted the award on behalf of his team. He was thankful for the opportunity to present the innovative holography process to an expert audience at Europe's leading wireless IoT event:

"The RFID & Wireless IoT Research & Solutions Award has been a door-opener for our research group. Many potential partners have been made aware of our work, which facilitates continuing our research. RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017 has been an excellent opportunity to discuss the results of our research project with users. This kind of feedback is valuable to us in order to know which projects have to be solved for deployment."

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