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The Smartest Cities in the World Rely on RFID & Wireless IoT!

Experience the future of cities on September 28 in Düsseldorf!

What will the city of the future look like? What role will RFID, NFC, BLE, LPWAN, and Wi-Fi play in the Smart City? Representatives of innovative city projects around the world are showcasing on September 28 at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow, how our everyday lives and our urban environment will change through wireless IoT solutions.

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09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
September 28 2017

In the Smart City, all stakeholders work together

Instead of just talking about “Smart City”, how about living it? This is the approach taken by Santander, Spain. Juan Echevarria Cuenca, Innovation Technical Manager of the Santander City Council, explains how individual processes such as traffic control sensors and 2,500 RFID-tagged waste bins are connected into a single Smart City platform. In Düsseldorf, Santander shows how it became a European Smart City pioneer.

“The citizens are the main stakeholders of all smart city applications. We need to find solutions and platforms that connect the public administration, research institutes, private companies and – most importantly – the citizens with each other. SmartSantander only works if we all pull together.” -Juan Echevarria Cuenca, Innovation Technical Manager, Santander City Council

Like Santander, “Smart Dortmund” is bringing administration, companies, and citizens to the table in order to facilitate an exchange about communal projects. The project platform “Nordwärts” reunites over 120 initiatives for the northern boroughs of Dortmund.

RFID makes cities bicycle-friendly and accessible

Aarhus, Denmark, is relying on RFID: In order to make traffic in the bicycle-friendly city even more green and secure, solutions provider ID-Advice is rolling out RFID-controlled traffic lights for bycicles. A new bycicle highway will bring citizens into town faster than any car could.

“The RFID traffic solution works for Aarhus because it fits our concept of the city. We did not alter our vision in order to fit the technology. Instead, we use technology to support and realise our vision.” - Rita Westergaard, Business Solutions Manager, ID-Advice

In public transportation in Vancouver, Canada, a new solution expands the existing NFC smart card system and creates full accessibility. Solutions provider RFID Canada reports how passengers with reduced mobility can use the fully automated transit system thanks to the implementation of a UHF RFID solution.

The cognitive building of the future?

Carlo Ratti Associati created the first IoT building in the world for the redesign of the Agnelli foundation headquarters in Turin. A temperature bubble follows every inhabitant and regulates his individual climate conditions. The building is controlled by a cognitive building management system and saves up to 40 percent energy. At RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow, Selina Kanner of Carlo Ratti Associati presents the project and outlines the potential of intelligent architecture for our private and work environments.

“The headquarters of the Agnelli Foundation are an example of what we call the 'Office 3.0'. It’s a vision that overcomes the limitations of the pre-Internet spaces as well as the alienating isolation of tele-working.” - Prof. Dr. Carlo Ratti, Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Carlo Ratti Associati

On User Day, It is All About Use Cases!

User Day on September 28th showcases operational expertise in a wide variety of industries. Users and experts who have implemented successful RFID, NFC, BLE, LPWAN and other projects share their experiences from a range of application groups:

  • In Forum 1 – Industrial IoT, learn how leading companies employ RFID for predictive maintenance, tool use optimisation, and mass customization.
  • In Forum 2 – Logistics & Supply Chain, logistics experts and researchers explain how RFID and wireless IoT technologies can optimise individual logistics operations or connect entire global supply chains.
  • In Forum 3 – Healthcare, project managers from leading European hospitals, hospital service providers, and system integrators discuss how to make the leap to healthcare 4.0 while keeping investments and privacy risks under control.
  • In Forum 4 – Retail, experience successful use cases from food and apparel retailers. Learn how RFID, BLE, and wireless IoT technologies can lead to a rapid ROI due to increased inventory accuracy, fewer warehousing costs and shrinkage, as well as guaranteed freshness of foodstuffs and guaranteed authenticity of luxury items.
  • In Forum 5 – Security & Consumer IoT, the presentations by municipalities, universities, system integrators, consumer IoT and security service providers showcase how our everyday lives and urban environments will change due to the implementation of wireless IoT solutions.

Book your ticket to RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow right now and benefit from applied experiences in your field on User Day!

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