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RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow welcomes Hadatap!

Polish solutions provider brings successful RFID projects to Düsseldorf

On User Day of RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow, companies employing RFID and other wireless technologies are put front and centre. Two solutions partners of exhibitor Hadatap present successful RFID use cases in which the Polish solutions provider has been involved.

Event Info
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
September 27 & 28 2017
Düsseldorf GER

Register Court in Warsaw Tracks More Than Half a Million Documents With UHF RFID

Piotr Derengiewicz, Managing Director of DG Studio, presents an automated RFID solution for the archive of the Registration Court in Warsaw in the "security & consumer IoT" forum. By tagging more than 500.000 paper files with RAIN RFID labels, deploying RFID gates, smart shelves and handheld readers, the process of accessing files has been accelerated:

“Before, a team of 10 archivists worked 10 to 12 hours a day and it still took between 3 and 5 days to find a file. Today, all files are available within hours.” - Piotr Derengiewicz, Managing Director, DG Studio

Oil company tracks rail wagons throughout its entire network with RFID

More efficiency in railway logistics – Dr. Bartlomiej Gladysz of the Warsaw University of Technology presents an RFID solution for a mineral oil company in the "logistics & supply chain" forum. All wagons used by the company are tagged and scanned by fixed gates installed alongside railway tracks and by man-operated mobile scanners. In conjunction with the GPS technology, RFID also enables tracking of running trains, which translates to increased transport security and streamlines planning of stocks in the distribution network.

Experience lean, focused RFID solutions live!

On the exhibition floor, the Hadatap experts present system solutions and software for logistics and warehousing, archives and libraries, retail, laundry services, and waste management.

Find your solution for optimising processes together with the most experienced RFID companies in the world – book your participation at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow now!

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