Two-Day RFID & Wireless IoT Conference.

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09:00 AM - 09:00 PM and
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Sept 27th and 28th 2017
Dusseldorf GER

How it all began

The first "RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow" event took place in Hamburg in 2011. The one day conference program offered 10 lectures which were accompanied by 6 exhibitors.

In 2012, the event was expanded to two days, thus providing a framework for both technical questions and practical experience as well as project reports. Today, the international event consists of a Developer Day and a User Day, and hosts a total of over 85 lectures over the two conference days. The degree of development in terms of content and quality since the first year is remarkable.

“With its mix of high-quality conference talks, international exhibitors, and attendees, RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow covers the entire spectrum of RFID. No matter which facet of RFID visitors are most interested in, they are sure to find the right people there. But what’s especially noteworthy is that „RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow“ has well earned its name: The event is focused on the most innovative aspects of identification technology. A must-attend for everyone who wants to answer future challenges with high-end RFID technology.“ - Dieter Horst, Head of product management SIMATIC Ident, Siemens

Main Topics: RFID, Digitalization, and Wireless IoT

The main pillars of the congress are the topics Digitization, Efficiency, Automation, and Sustainability. These topics are viewed from a technological and practical perspective. In short, the processes are modernized. Only projects that contribute to the digital transformation of the company can make companies sustainable and stable. This also includes maintaining competitiveness. However, digitization alone is not a sufficient strategy for the long term. Numerous divisions in the company have to undergo this transformation and have to be prepared in different ways for future processes and systems. This modernization should be planned not only technologically, but also in a technically oriented way. This is precisely the purpose of the exchange and dialogue between users and integrators, IT specialists, and manufacturers.

Developer Day

On the first day, Developer Day, the lectures discuss technological issues. The latest transponder or reader developments, current technical improvements, advice from technical system integrators, current research projects, as well as standardization and frequencies are among the topics discussed.

“For HID Global, RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow is one of the most important RFID shows in Europe. The constant expansion and the focus on quality instead of quantity allow us, as a provider of highly specialised RFID components, to adress customers’ individual needs and, together with other exhibitors, further RFID use in industrial applications.” - Richard Aufreiter, Director Product Management Identification Technologies, HID Global

User Day

The second conference day is User Day. On this day, the prospects of end users and their experiences are the focus of the talks. Five forums which focus on the topics Industry, Logistics, Medicine, Retail & Security, and Smart Cities are offered to a specialist audience. Each forum offers 9 lectures. Experienced end users who have been initiating RFID projects for years are just as much a part of User Day as small companies that want to create process optimization through first-time integration of RFID technology. All lectures share the benefits and advantages achieved through technology integration. The engine of almost all projects is the creation of transparency, cost-efficiency, and automation and optimization of processes.


The audience, often with a concrete catalogue of questions and interest in the subject, enriches the lectures through questions and dialogues.

”RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow is a very successful event from both a speaker's and an attendee's perspective. As a first-time attendee, the quality of discussion with other users and technology providers is very high and efficient. I left with valuable insight and ideas and am looking forward to next year.” - Tatjana Ockert, Project Manager Efficiency Management, Airbus in Hamburg

A platform for dialogue, knowledge gains, and practical recommendations for business start-ups: all this is available at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017!

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