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RFID and Wireless IoT in Healthcare

Optimal digitization of processes

More than 20 million patient cases were treated in German hospitals in 2007, at the same time, the expenditure for healthcare exceeded the threshold of 1 billion euros per day in this year. How can patients be taken care of more safely, better and more efficient and simultaneously, how can the increase in expenditure be restricted? Furthermore, the amount in patients and expenditure increase globally.

Digitalisation in healthcare by RFID and Wireless IoT solutions is one of the most important topics in the sector. IoT applications offer wide-range potential in order to optimize processes, to cut costs and to improve patient care.

Event Info
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
User Day
October 30, 2018
Darmstadt near Frankfurt,

Focus topics in the Forum Healthcare on User Day

  • Asklepios – RFID is set in sterile goods supply – and a first step in the digitalisation and automation of the sterile goods departments in the Asklepios Group
  • Smartrac – Innovative RFID applications in the pharmaceutical industry to improve patient experience and cold chain monitoring
  • Texi – Efficient textile logistics in the clinical environment under high hygienic conditions OGTech – RFID accelerates workflows for better healthcare
  • Leipzig University Hospital – Patient care: 1. Optimisation of the pneumatic tube system and the automated guided vehicle in the entire Leipzig University Hospital by consistent use of RFID, 2. Mini pneumatic delivery + Mini AGV with RFID: Key for fast and transparent transport of samples between patient and diagnostics
  • Borda Technology – Adana Integrated Healthcare Campus uses RFID-based IoT solutions for real-time tracking, child safety and more!
  • Kinsetsu – Maximising benefits with RFID automation to assist in improving efficiency, traceability and ultimately patient outcomes!
  • inveox – IoT-based automation dramatically increases lab efficiency and safety of cancer diagnoses
  • OGTech For ID Systems & IT – Khaled Mohamed Ezz El Din reports on the state of introducing RFID and successful implementations for healthcare in MENA (Middle East and North Africa region) with special emphasis on the Gulf countries, to improve the workflow by optimising integrated applications.

User Day on Oktober 30

These 6 IoT forums with around 50 speakers invite you to gain knowledge on User Day, 30 October

Latest Developments in 4 forums on Developer Day


The conference is accompanied by one of the worlds most important exhibitions on wireless IoT. Have a look at the list of exhibitors.


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