USER DAY, October 30
Connecting Users.

User Day is always all about Use Cases!

User Day on Thursday, September 28 2017, focused on successfully realised use cases. Applied know-how was presented in five thematically sorted expert forums.

All participants gained exclusive insights into RFID and wireless IoT applications by various companies from the areas of industrial production, logistics, healthcare, retail, consumer IoT, and security. Experienced users presented realised integrations and detailed their projects' journey from idea to roll-out.

User Day offered five forums on the following topics:

Forum 1 - Wireless IIoT
Wireless IIoT

Forum 1: Industrial IoT

10 lectures in the Large Auditorium (Capacity 120)

  • Industry 4.0: Globally networked systems and robots in the Smart Factory
  • Predictive Maintenance: Collect, evaluate, predict, and prevent
  • Plug & Produce and variable automation: Human-machine interaction
  • Global industrial supply chains
  • Digital business models of the future: Current examples
"For about six years there has been a paradigm shift in the RFID deployment for production: RFID evolves continuously. The technology is deployed in new applications and is becoming an elementary building block of the digital transformation in the industry." - Tatjana Ockert, Airbus Operations
Forum 2 - Logistics and Supply Chain
Logistics 4.0

Forum 2: Logistics & Supply Chain

10 lectures in the Small Auditorium (Capacity 65)

  • Connected Supply Chain: Complete data transparency throughout the supply chain
  • Logistics 4.0: Augmented Reality and energy-efficient global supply processes
  • Just-in-sequence parts and tool provisioning
  • Full control of all parameters – from shock to temperature – during transport
  • Self-organizing logistics networks and autonomous transport robotics
"RFID is the basis of the IoT. In order to deploy holistic, company-wide solutions, deciders have to be brought on board and convinced of the long-term benefits of industry-wide RFID use." - Pascal Monsorno, Volkswagen OTLG
Forum 3 - Healthcare
Wireless healthcare IT

Forum 3: Healthcare

10 lectures in the Conference Room (Capacity 40)

  • Healthcare IT: Communication infrastructure without compromising data security
  • Enhanced patient security: Mobile health, apps, wearables
  • Robotics and intelligent assistance systems
  • Total transparency for safe, hygienic processes: Interface management and documentation
  • Investments under control: Innovations reduce TCO
"For hospitals, the efficient allocation of personnel and resources to tasks is the key to optimising healthcare processes from logistics to the operating room." - Lars Ganzhorn Knudsen, Teaching Hospital Aarhus
Forum 4 - Retail
Fashion & Food retail

Forum 4: Retail

10 lectures in the Conference Room (Capacity 40)

  • International showcases: best practice and global roll-outs
  • Fast ROI and increases in sales with RFID, NFC, BLE
  • Online and offline shopping experiences with omni-channel & wireless IoT
  • Connected consumer and smart store applications for food & fashion
  • Warehouse automation and robotics for Demand-aware Warehouse Fulfillment
“The effect the RFID solution has had on sales in our trial stores has been immediate. Replenishment is now based on accurate information. Item loss is down. Sales are up. After all, you cannot sell what you cannot find.” - Jon Wright, River Island
Forum 5 - Security and Consumer IoT
Wireless CIoT

Forum 5: Security & Consumer IoT

10 lectures in the Conference Room (Capacity 40)

  • Driving, Parking, and Working: Hands-free access control, fast track toll collection
  • Hardware Implementation of cryptography algorithms
  • Future Payment: mobile, secure, contactless, fast, and convenient
  • Consumer IoT solutions: Better life through better technology
  • Smart City Solutions: Sensorized for a secure and healthy living
"The importance of the smart card will continue to increase through new applications. Whether in healthcare, logistics, or manufacturing, RFID employee badges permit not only identification, but also managing and monitoring permission and access." - Simon Arch, AEG Identifikationssysteme

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