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On Developer Day, Technology is Key!

RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017 opened up on Wednesday, September 27 – Developer Day. The event opened its doors to all participants interested in technological innovation, system integration, standardization and research topics. With conference talks by developers, experts, consultants, and product managers in four forums on state of the art topics, the 2017 Developer Day offered an exciting vision of RFID technology today and tomorrow!

The Developer Day of RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017 offered four forums on the following topics:

Forum 1 - Technology & Hardware
Technology & Hardware

Forum 1: Technology & Hardware

10 lectures in the Large Auditorium (Capacity 120)

  • Hardware for wireless IoT: RFID, NFC, BLE, SAW, GPS, GSM
  • ICs: Hybrid performance, encryption, and energy harvesting for zero-power applications
  • R & D: Static transponders, integrated security, and miniaturization
  • Reader performance: Long-range readers, direction detection
  • Sensor technology on roller: Printed circuit boards, flexible batteries
“With its mix of high-quality conference talks, international exhibitors, and attendees, RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow covers the entire spectrum of RFID. No matter which facet of RFID visitors are most interested in, they are sure to find the right people there.“ - Dieter Horst, Siemens
Forum 2 - Wireless IoT
Wireless IoT

Forum 2: Wireless IoT

10 lectures in the Small Auditorium (Capacity 65)

  • Evolution or revolution? Trend: digital enterprise transformation and digital value creation
  • Automation: M2M communication and cyber security
  • Secure Cloud computing: Public cloud, hybrid cloud, or private cloud
  • Big data handling and data mining for smart engineering
  • Consumer IoT and smart living
  • Sensor fusion and data architecture
“The way RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow brings together users and RFID innovations is unique and guarantees the technology will play a key role in digitisation.“ - Ralf Schulze, Zebra Technologies
Forum 3 - Software & Systemintegration
Software & Systemintegration

Forum 3: Software & Systemintegration

10 lectures in the Conference Room (Capacity 40)

  • Simply the best: Consulting & requirements engineering
  • Designing individual solutions: Installation, training, and support
  • Fully optimized: Energy efficient, standard compliant, reliable, and robust
  • Cutting-edge software including visualization, data analysis, big data control, and algorithms for events processing
  • Putting hardware and software through their paces: In-house and field testing, hands-on tests, and proof-of-concepts
"Companies are undergoing a paradigm shift and understand that the value of digitisation cannot be measured the same as an investment into a building or a machine. The decision for digital transformation has to be made at the highest level and include all processes and departments." - Jörg Bald, Winckel
Forum 4 - Standardization & Research
Standardization & Research

Forum 4: Standardization & Research

10 lectures in the Conference Room (Capacity 40)

  • Technological standards: Network and communication protocols, data aggregation
  • International frequency banding and the consequences for LF, HF, and UHF
  • Nanotechnology - Internet of Nano Things
  • Industrial research with insights into current projects
  • Smart Object Technologies and their potential for real use
"All market participants deal intensively with digitization. It is agreed that action is required. The challenge is to generate clarity regarding the adoption of standards and consistent technologies. " - Anja-Maria Sonntag, SBB Cargo

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