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NXP Presents the New NFC Chip Generation at #WIOTtomorrow19

NXP's NTAG 5 family is optimized for IoT, consumer and industrial applications

NXP’s NTAG 5 boost shrinks the NFC footprint while adding AES security, so designers can deliver ultra-compact devices for use in IoT, consumer, and industrial applications. It is an NFC Forum compliant contactless tag that delivers exceptional read range, giving tiny devices the ability to interact with the cloud and other NFC-enabled devices, including smartphones.

With NTAG 5 boost, the device can connect to the cloud with a single tap. The connection uses an NFC Forum compliant data exchange mechanism involving SRAM to ensure highly inter-operable data transfers.

Event Info
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM (+ evening event)
October 29th and 30th, 2019
Darmstadt, near Frankfurt, Germany

Tiny Footprint with Longer Range

This NFC tag uses active load modulation (ALM) to deliver robust and reliable communication with NFC phones, bringing a new level of convenience to tiny devices. ALM allows construction of a compact yet highly reliable antenna, creating a significantly smaller footprint without compromising the read range.

When operating in ALM mode, the read range is significantly longer than when operating in passive mode. An energy-efficient design, equipped with a hard powerdown mode and a standby current of less than 10 μA, ensures long battery life.

Scalable Security

The tag’s 2048 bytes of memory can be divided into three areas, and each area can use a different protection level, varying from no protection to 32-/64-bit password protection or up to 128-bit AES protected read/write access with mutual authentication. Different parties in the value chain can have their own dedicated memory areas for storing access data.

The NTAG 5 boost comes with pre-programmed proof of origin functionality to verify authenticity. The re-programmable elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) originality signature can be locked or reprogrammed by the customer.

NTAG® 5 boost: NFC Forum-compliant I2C bridge for tiny devices

With its unique features on top of scalable security, this tag links tiny, sealed devices to the IoT as secure as you like. Final configuration or parametrization in the supply chain or the store needs just one tap.

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