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Latest Results in Reader, Transponder, and Sensor Technology Development

Technology news for optimising processes digitally

On the Developer Day in Forum 2 the topics of BLE, LPWAN, sensory technology, and RFID (LF, HF/NFC, UHF, and hybrid solutions) take the spotlight in the speakers' lectures. One point of discussion is the combination of different technologies with the goal of finding the most effective automation solution.

The presentations put the future of contactless data transfer as well as hardware developments in readers, antennas, ICs and transponders, printers, and handhelds at the centre of attention. What is the state of the art? What market developments can be mapped with the newest technological innovations? What is the performance of today’s wireless hardware? Standard design or custom-made – how much individuality is necessary? These and other key questions and their answers take centre stage in the Technology & Hardware Forum.

Event Info
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Developer Day
October 31 2018
Darmstadt near Frankfurt, Europe

The list of top news items:

  • The latest chip developments focus on resilience, intelligence, and security
  • Increased reading and writing performance of readers and transponders
  • Application-specific RFID tag development
  • Advantages and disadvantages of customisation: Custom-built UHF labels as an example
  • Product protection with electronic seals
  • Multi-frequency reader modules for secure authentication
  • Hybrid solutions: UHF & NFC in one chip – nice to have or a crucial development?
  • RFID printers

Who is bringing these topics to the audience?

These speakers present the most current results and open up the dialog about the possibilities and borders of wireless IoT:

  • Nikias Klohr, CTO, Race Result
  • Richard Aufreiter, Director Product Management - Identification Technologies, HID Global
  • Burhan Gündüz, Global Accountant Director, Elatec
  • Stephen Crocker, Director, Sales/Channels EMEA and India, Alien Technology
  • Steven R. Schauer, Product Marketing Manager, Alien Technology, Alien Technology
  • Alexander Abeln, Sales Director - Smart Industries, Confidex
  • Juho Partanen, Business Development Director/Co-Founder, Voyantic
  • Stanley Chen, Marketing Specialist, SAG Securitag Assembly Group
  • Peter Albrecht, Industry Consultant Manufacturing / Global Marketing, Lexmark

On the Developer Day, technologies take centre stage

On the Developer Day, researchers, business developers, project managers, and developers present brand new innovations in their respective fields.

  • Forum 1 – Research & Innovations
    Researchers and product developers reveal their inventive talent by presenting the results of their projects. As pioneers of their discipline they guarantee that the degree of innovation stays constant – a must-have for scientific progress.
  • Forum 2 – Technology & Hardware
    The future of wireless data transfer, hardware development for readers, antennas, IC, transponders and printers are the centre of attention in forum 2.
  • Forum 3 – Systems Integration & Software
    Practised systems integrators share their know-how about the rising complexity of the integration of wireless systems – and how users are able to profit from the growing benefits of digitisation.
  • Forum 4 – AutoID: Standardisation, Markets, & Challenges
    Specialists from economics and politics share insights into the design of new industry standards and which application guidelines set trends for the future.

The conference is accompanied by one of the worlds most important exhibitions on wireless IoT. Have a look at the list of exhibitors. Get your conference ticket today. Sign up for the User Day, the Developer Day or both days!

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