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MTI Wireless Edge presents antennas for all frecuencies

MTI Wireless Edge offers RFID antennas for the IoT

For Israeli antenna manufacturer MTI Wireless Edge, RFID antennas are part of a product portfolio which makes the modern world possible. Already established in many parts of the world, the Israeli hardware manufacturer aims at increasing its visibility in Europe.

Event Info
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Sept 27th and 28th 2017
Dusseldorf GER

Participants of RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017 can look forward to meeting a company leveraging the experiences made from developing and selling millions of antennas.

Reuven Drori, VP RFID Sales & Marketing, MTI Wireless Edge, in an interview with "RFID & Wireless IoT global"

Wireless antenna know-how since 1972

MTI Wireless Edge, founded in 1972, is an antenna manufacturer which was formerly part of Israeli defense company Elbit. After being split from its former parent company, the company pursues a hybrid strategy. VP of RFID Sales & Marketing Reuven Drori explains: “Within Elbit, the antenna division could not perform to its full potential. After it was diversified, the company strategy still fully leverages MTI Wireless Edge's defense background: we approach commercial markets with military-grade technology. Today, the only thing that is commercial about our antennas is the price. The rest is military.”

Numerous frequencies and designs

“The company started with fixed broadband wireless antennas – point to point or point to multipoint. We are now selling one million antennas per year across all industries and frequencies. Because they leverage the same technology base, MTI Wireless RFID antennas benefit from proven quality and economy of scale”, Reuven Drori states.

“The percentage made up by RFID antennas is steadily increasing. Today, we are offering antennas for all frequencies, including European, US and Japanese standards, as well as all antenna designs, for example linear and dual-linear, circular and dual-circular, or Atex. In application terms, our portfolio includes shelf antennas, toll antennas, gate antennas and more. We can also develop and produce custom designs. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for every possible antenna.”

All wireless IoT solutions start with antennas

To antenna expert Reuven Drori, antennas are an underrated part of the wireless IoT: “Antennas are the link between the analog world and the digital world. They are not always visible, but the modern world would not work without them. MTI Wireless Edge has provided the antennas for numerous important RFID products and projects, for example the toll road solution by 3M. In Germany, we are working closely with reader manufacturers, solutions providers and system integrators – and of course with end customers. If you have deployed a wireless IoT solution, it might already include technology from MTI.”

Target markets The world!

“The United States are our most important market at present, but individual European markets such as Germany, France, Finland or Italy are close. Depending on the region, projects are different: In North America, orders tend to be larger, but in Europe, the requirements are more specialized. MTI Wireless Edge is also engaged in Brazil, in Japan, and of course in the Middle East,” Reuven Drori reports. “In addition to our main production capabilities in Israel, we have also established a fully owned production company in India. The antennas manufactured there are developed and quality tested in Israel, ensuring that the product quality stays high at competitive prices.”

Manpower and investments for quality

Whether the antennas are manufactured in India or in Israel, quality control is a key part of MTI's business strategy in Drori's view: “MTI Wireless Edge built its own large-scale anechoic chamber for 2 million dollars, where antennas ranging from Low Frequency to 80 gigahertz can be thoroughly tested. This investment reflects the company's general commitment to quality control. Ten percent of our company's workforce is Quality Assurance personnel. Every antenna is tested. Our goal is that customers can fully trust in their MTI antennas. Essentially, it's a German product, but with an aggressive price tag.”

MTI Wireless Edge is coming to RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017!

On September 27th and 28th, MTI Wireless Edge will present their product portfolio, as well as their design, development and manufacturing competencies, at the exhibition of RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow in Dusseldorf, Germany.

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