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Laureates of the 2017 RFID & Wireless IoT Research and Solutions Award

Aarhus University Hospital, Carlo Ratti Associati, Santander City Council, and Technical University of Munich honoured for excellence!

Today, the first-ever laureates for the RFID & Wireless IoT Research and Solutions Award were honoured in Düsseldorf. The eulogies and acceptance speeches for the four projects chosen by the magazines “RFID im Blick” and “RFID & Wireless IoT GLOBAL” made it clear: sustainability and firm decision-making can be a bright signal for innovation!

Innovation needs technology, know-how – and courage!

Publisher Anja Van Bocxlaer presented the awards ceremony. She reminded attendees that innovation not only requires technological leadership, but also new impulses and courageous decision-making:

“With the RFID & Wireless IoT Research and Solutions Award, we are committed to honouring the spirit of innovation displayed by organisations that have successfully implemented RFID and wireless IoT solutions. This ceremony is a statement: RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow is committing to its role as the leading European event for wireless technology.” - Anja Van Bocxlaer, publisher, “RFID im Blick” and “RFID & Wireless IoT GLOBAL”

Aarhus: wireless infrastructure in Europe's most innovative hospital!

2,000 RFID readers, an integrated task management system, automated processes, connected services, tracking of all assets, employee tracking: The new university hospital puts Hospital 4.0 into practise and thus becomes the European pioneer for smart hospitals. In Aarhus, the IoT infrastructure is as important as electricity and water. This innovative view of technology has now been honoured with the RFID & Wireless IoT Research and Solutions Award.

Carlo Ratti Associati: cognitive IoT building saves energy

The Agnelli Foundation’s historic headquarters in Turin is a former villa containing 3,000 square metres of creative office space. Architecture and design studio Carlo Ratti Associati oversaw its renovation and created the first IoT building worldwide: wireless sensors in the entire building monitor numerous datasets, including occupancy, temperature, and even oxygen. The cognitive building management system can then dynamically adjust lighting, heating, cooling, and room reservations according to occupants' needs.

Santander City Council: smart city pioneer relies on wireless IoT

Juan Echevarria Cuenca, Innovation Technical Manager for the Santander City Council, received the award for the Spanish city of Santander. Santander not only talks smart city, they are living it: 3,000 sensors control inner city traffic and facilitate the search for a parking spot. 2,500 smart RFID waste bins optimise waste disposal services. Citizens can report and track potholes and construction defects via an app. Santander has created an innovative model of urban life that has given inspiration to smart city planners all over Europe.

TU Munich: wi-fi holography for industry and logistics use cases

The fourth RFID & Wireless IoT Research and Solutions Award was awarded to a research project with a large range of possible applications: Scientists from the Technical University of Munich have developed a holographic imaging method that analyses the radiation of a WLAN transmitter and thus generates three-dimensional images of the environment. The process could be used, for example, in the context of Industry 4.0: This way, operators of industrial plants could automatically follow objects on their way through the factory hall in the future. Friedemann Reinhard, Head of the Walter Schottky Institute's Emmy Noether Research Group on Quantum Sensing, accepted the award on behalf of his team.

Next at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow: On User Day, use cases are key!

The award ceremony immediately followed the diverse lectures on Developer Day. Tomorrow, September 28, User Day presents successful use cases from all over the world: Users and solutions providers report on project optimisation in industry, logistics, healthcare, retail, security, and customer IoT!

Tickets for the conference and the exposition floor are available on site. Don't miss your chance of seeing the future of wireless technology – come to RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017!

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