Save the Date: October 19th & 20th 2022

HID Global Demonstrates Visionary Solutions for IoT Applications

HID Global brings passive and active identification technologies and cloud services regardless of frequency to RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow.

  • Revolutionising mobile ticketing: Secure, fast and convenient – Philip Hoyer shows how it works.
  • Learn how manipulations can easily be detected digitally: A combination of RFID, BLE and Cloud connection makes it possible.
  • World-leading RFID and BLE solutions and product innovations: To be seen at booth #42 of HID Global.

Join the conference on October 30-31, and meet the Leading innovator of identification technologies, robust architecture miniature design, and customisation with an expansive frequency agnostic portfolio of LF, HF/NFC, RAIN UHF, and BLE.

Event Info
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
October 30 & 31, 2018
Darmstadt near Frankfurt,

Trusted Mobile Ticketing

Philip Hoyer, Chief Technology Officer (CTO ) of the Trusted Mobile Ticketing (TMT) Business Unit at HID Global, presents in Forum 6 – Consumer IoT & Smart City on User Day the new age of mobile ticketing. Using BLE and RFID, HID Global developed an application for Electronic Trusted Ticketing. Whether at large events or for hotel guests, it can open up new experiences and business opportunities. Thanks to a combination of access control, BluVision, and mobile wallet technology, a new way of purchasing and using tickets is established.

Transponder vs. Manipulation

When security matters, HID Global is prepared to provide innovative technological solutions. Richard Aufreiter, Director Product Management - Identification Technologies at HID Global, shows how it works in Forum 2 – Technology & Hardware on Developer Day, October 30. His session will describe several physical, cryptographic as well as BLE & RFID aspects of implementing tamper evidence in RFID tags and describe related real-life implementations.

Product innovations @ booth #42

HID Global stands for visionary solutions to fuel IoT applications, location services for the workplace, asset tracking & monitoring, secure proof of presence, brand protection, and many more secure transactions. Convince yourself live at the booth of HID Global and take a look at:

  • Most diverse line of RFID and sensing components tackling the industry’s most challenging applications
  • Tamper Evident Seal RFID Tags protect the integrity of highly sensitive equipment, containers or enable proof of presence
  • BEEKs Bluetooth (BLE) beacons, designed for RTLS, Condition Monitoring and iBeacon / Eddystone applications
  • Specialised "BIM" RFID tags to identify building parts made of concrete
  • Next generation RAIN UHF Laundry tags (LinTag 200)

Partner & Sponsor since years

HID Global – Identification Technologies is the market leader in architecting, designing, and manufacturing innovative contactless identification and sensing devices and cloud services to enable a comprehensive range of applications.

The leader in IoT developments is a strong partner and sponsor of RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow from the very beginning.

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