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Forum 2: Logistique et Chaîne d´approvisionnement

Rendez-vous le 29 octobre au Darmstadtium!
User Experiences and best practices in Logistics and Supply Chain

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RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2019 Key Focus Logistics & Supply Chain

An increase in reliable applications

Logistics and supply chain experts will gather on October 29th to discuss streamlining processes in asset management, combining identification and monitoring in data logs, and new efficiencies reached via wIoT devices. Find out how wIoT technology apps are being used: RFID gates that record hundreds of pallets as a truck passes through, wIoT-equipped drones with camera systems that create transparency in previously-concealed areas, luggage handling systems that ensure your suitcase isn't lost.

RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2019 Schwerpunkt Logistik & Supply Chain: Intralogistics

Opening the door to Logistics 4.0

How can you ensure that your digital asset management is successful? What's the difference between RFID and LoRa in the field of RTLS? Will the new railways, airports, super grids, sea lanes, harbors and pipelines developed under China's New Silk Road initiative affect global logistics?

Learn the answer at the Logistics & Supply Chain Forum!

Dr. Benjamin Nitsche, Research Associate, Technische Universität Berlin
Christian Blobner, Head of Int. Research Networks, Int. Business Development, Fraunhofer IFF
Simon Arch, Marketing and Sales Director, AEG ID
Roelof Koopmans, Senior Director of Vertical Marketing, Semtech
Michael Kunz, Production Manager, Hermetic-Pumpen
René Kloeters, Senior Professional, Greencycle
Martin Dobler, Chief Technical Officer, Kathrein Solutions
Bilal Yıldız, Electronic Systems Deputy Manager, İGA Istanbul Airport
Chris Schäfer, Sr. Director, Global Market Development, Zebra Technologies
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