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RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2019 Pleins feux sur l'industrie automobile

RFID & Wireless IoT in the automotive industry

Numerous implemented solutions prove the potential of wireless IoT technology.

RFID – On-Metal or On-ESD – , BLE and LPWAN are used in combination with optical AutoID and sensor technology solutions for vehicle development, component supply and container management, installation documentation on the production line and new car distribution.

High-performance identification applications of components in the painting line, in just-in-sequence production logistics, permanent quality assurance or in intermodal transport processes from compound on - wireless IoT technology applications are resilient, value-adding reality.

Les conférences

 RFID in Logistics Use Cases

RFID in Logistics Use Cases

Thomas Grabscheit
Senior Manager, MHP - A Porsche Company
The use of RFID for process control and pre-processing of events in real time in the context of logistics use cases
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