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RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2019 Schwerpunkt Logistik & Supply Chain: Intralogistics


  • The new efficiency in intralogistics: Mobile hardware used as 'wearables' – faster processes, time savings, greater employee acceptance through comfort and ergonomics in use.
  • The new overview in intralogistics: The use of RFID and wireless IoT hardware in combination with real-time software applications and RTLS – for linking location data and identities of objects, vehicles or persons – creates a detailed picture of intralogistics processes.
  • Streamlined processes in asset management: Streamlined processes in asset management: Inventory with RFID & Wireless IoT. Flexible solution concepts can be expanded in stages. Accelerated, automated processes and digital documentation reduce manual transfer errors.
  • Identification in a new dimension: Drones equipped with wireless IoT technology in combination with camera systems expand the possibilities of automated detection of stored objects. The use of drones creates transparency in areas that previously remain concealed.
RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2019 Schwerpunkt Logistik & Supply Chain: Production Logistics

Production Logistics: Eliminating Production Downtime in Two Dimensions

First dimension – smooth parts supply.Just-in-sequence parts provision for every production step, BLE in automated material retrieval, RFID-based Kanban solutions for C parts, AGVs navigate autonomously via RTLS from the shop floor to the production line – all this is not a look into the distant future, but realised in operation.

Second dimension – avoiding machine downtimes. Sensors & wireless IoT communication hardware on production machines provide data for predictive maintenance. Identify critical situations before they happen. Spare parts logistics will be organised on the basis of maintenance data. Forward-looking tool management: RFID on the tool stores operating data, provides information on maintenance or replacement, avoids mix-ups.

RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2019 Schwerpunkt Logistik & Supply Chain: Transport Logistics

Global and Regional Supply Chain – From Production to the End Customer

RFID transponders in the pallet fundamentally change load carrier pool systems. Circulations are transparent, bottlenecks are identified, losses are reduced. If LPWAN is used for detection, tracking over several 100 metres is also possible.

Detecting manipulations: RFID-based seal tags and tamper-proof labels provide physical and digital proof of manipulated objects and packaging.

The next level in product protection: Blockchain technology prevents product piracy. RFID transponders embedded in products become the data carriers of blockchain applications.

Digital information about every change and every access in logistics chains is 100 percent guaranteed.

RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2019 Key Focus Logistics & Supply Chain

RFID & Wireless IoT in Logistics & Supply Chain

RFID, BLE and LPWAN in combination with camera-based recording technologies open the door to the future of logistics 4.0. The variety of these technologies are as extensive as the entire logistics sector.

From the RFID gate, which records hundreds of pallets on a truck as it passes through, to the drone with RFID reader for inventory in parking lots. Data loggers combine identification and monitoring of parameters such as temperature, pressure, and vibration and provide a transparent insight into the quality assurance of transported goods.

Automated identification creates the data basis, whereas smart data handling - either directly in the receiver or on an IoT cloud platform - is turning Big Data into Smart Data.

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