Day 2
Forum 1: Industrial IoT & Maintenance

Digitalization of industrial processes with RFID and wireless IoT par excellence!
October 30th 2019 at the darmstadtium!
See you there!
User Experiences and best practices in IIOT and Maintenance

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RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2019 Key Focus IIOT & Maintenance

Connected factories for the future

Industrial experts will gather on October 30th to discuss the most recent advances in industrial wIoT from AI applications and Digital Twins to RFID tags and new sensor technologies. State-of-the-art communications such as expanded 5G networks and OPC UA help to improve production lines and react flexibly to dynamic markets. In highly automated productions, identification systems must be perfectly precise, hardware must be robust, and RFID detection technologies must survive harsh environments.

RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2019: Intelligent production

Intelligent production

How can you profit from digitalization? Which radio-based detection technologies work best in harsh environments with high temperatures, dust/dirt, chemicals and poor visibility? Which solutions are most sustainable? How can you build a comprehensive communications system within your existing factory?

Find out the best way to optimize processes in your industry!

Prof. Dr. Torsten J. Gerpott, Mercator School of Management, University Duisburg-Essen
Ilan Sigal, Vice President Marketing, Pelephone Communications
Dieter Horst, Head of Product Management Industrial Identification, Siemens
Frank Pyritz, Managing Director, Sigma Chemnitz
Olaf Poenicke, Research Manager, Fraunhofer IFF
Amir Schwartz, Vice President, Computer Guard
Monika Beck, Innovation Manager, Fraunhofer IPMS
Frank Smits, Business Development Manager, Intelligent Labels, Avery Dennison
Stefan Hoppe, President and Executive Director, OPC Foundation
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