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Feig brings RFID to the next level!

At RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow, Feig Electronic shows intelligent readers for the next level of the IoT

What must RFID technology for industrial manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics processes provide? As a sponsor, exhibitor, and lecturer at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow, Feig Electronic shows state of the art solutions and new, future-compatible features.

Event Info
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
September 27 & 28 2017
Düsseldorf GER

Lecture in the “technology & hardware” forum: intelligent readers

How do increasing digitalisation and connectivity change the requirements for RFID readers used for access control, payment, and ticketing? How can a high security level be guaranteed? Daniel Büth, Technical Sales Engineer, Feig Electronic, presents RFID readers with embedded intelligence and innovative security features in his “technology & hardware” forum lecture on Developer Day, September 27.

“Through increasing digitisation and connectivity in industrial manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics processes, the role of data pre-processing and secure communication increases steadily. Feig Electronic offers state-of-the-art solutions and develops new, future-facing features.” - Daniel Büth, Technical Sales Engineer, Feig Electronic

Long-Range UHF RFID readers create accessible public transit in Vancouver

Bob Moroz, President, RFID Canada, presents an innovative use case for Feig Electronic UHF RFID readers in the "Security & Customer IoT" forum on User Day, September 28: The Canadian technology provider and Feig partner creates accessibility for the Vancouver public transport with Feig Electronic readers. Wheelchair-bound travellers can open the fare gates remotely via an UHF RFID lanyard. The solution is implemented without physically modifying the fare gates themselves.

Intelligent IoT hardware elevates processes in all areas!

Visit the Feig Electronic experts at the exhibition booth and learn how intelligent current generation IoT hardware can bring processes in all industries to the next level.

Whether access control, public transit, healthcare, industry or logistics: Experience the state of the art and the solutions of tomorrow. Book your ticket for RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow now!

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