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Burhan Gündüz, Global Accounts Director Secure Printing Applications, Elatec will be giving a presentation on November 26th in the Security & Smart City forum on secure RFID solutions for physical access control and printing.

Visit Elatec also in the digital exhibition from November 23rd until December 18th!

Elatec at #WIOTtomorrow20 DIGITAL
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Live stream Conference from Nov 23rd to Dec 3rd
Virtual Exhibition from Nov 23rd to Dec 18th

RFID Devices in Networks: Secure Printing

A scenario known worldwide: A company operates thousands of multi-functional printers at various global sites. Employees authenticate themselves via RFID ID at the devices in order to authorize printing tasks. If there is now a change in technology for employee IDs, all RFID modules must also receive an update.

With Elatec's Remote Management Solution, a global software rollout over a network is just a push of a button away!

Protecting Sensitive Data with Single Sign-On

Is employee access to systems and devices secured by password or PIN? This is inefficient because many employees have to log in and out of different systems or devices every day. Elatec offers a solution with an automatic one time login via RFID.

Each employee automatically logs in to all systems and applications for which he or she is authorized - down to file level. Access to all other, especially sensitive background information is denied.

More information can be found from Burhan Gündüz in the Security & Smart City Forum and at the digital booth.

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Visit Elatec in the digital exhibition from November 23rd until December 18th!

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