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Digital process optimisation in hospitals at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow

On User Day, Forum 3 presents health care use cases

Hospital process and project managers, healthcare service providers, experts, and system integrators present pioneering use cases with RFID, NFC, BLE, and Wi-Fi in Forum 3 - “Healthcare” on User Day, September 28.

Event Info
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Sept 28th 2017
Dusseldorf GER

Leading hospitals showcase efficient process optimisation!

In healthcare, wireless IoT technologies such as RFID, NFC, BLE, and WLAN have proven their worth when it comes to cost-efficient process optimisation – as proven by use cases from hospitals around the world: Aarhus University hospital explains how internal logistics within the healthcare centre can be optimised through RFID and Wi-Fi tracking and an integrated task management system.

Campus Charité Mitte in Berlin is tracking case carts for 15 ORs and ensuring the availability of operating tools while reducing inventory costs.

Simplinic presents a BLE bed tracking presently in use at the Agaplesion Evangelisches Krankenhaus Holzminden.

The Israelite Hospital in Hamburg reduced its laundry and work clothes stock by 50% through an automated RFID issuance and drop-off solution.

And NewYork Presbyterian-Brooklyn Methodist Hospital saves 90% of time in replenishing medicine trays.

Investment under control, patient privacy ensured

How can digital optimisation projects be implemented while keeping investments under control, ensuring data security, and complying with privacy regulations? Project bureau Expermed explains how patients and providers can both benefit from digitalisation in healthcare.

Asanus Medizintechnik presents the potentials of connecting processes and objects between OR and sterilisation. Oldenburg hospital has already implemented this solution and reports on the practical benefits.

In addition, the new European General Data Protection Regulation will have to be made national law until May 2018. Data attorney Gerald Spyra explains the consequences for healthcare providers.

On User Day, It is All About Use Cases!

User Day on September 28th showcases operational expertise in a wide variety of industries. Users and experts who have implemented successful RFID, NFC, BLE, LPWAN and other projects share their experiences from a range of application groups:

  • In Forum 1 – Industrial IoT, learn how leading companies employ RFID for predictive maintenance, tool use optimisation, and mass customization.
  • In Forum 2 – Logistics & Supply Chain, logistics experts and researchers explain how RFID and wireless IoT technologies can optimise individual logistics operations or connect entire global supply chains.
  • In Forum 3 – Healthcare, project managers from leading European hospitals, hospital service providers, and system integrators discuss how to make the leap to healthcare 4.0 while keeping investments and privacy risks under control.
  • In Forum 4 – Retail, experience successful use cases from food and apparel retailers. Learn how RFID, BLE, and wireless IoT technologies can lead to a rapid ROI due to increased inventory accuracy, fewer warehousing costs and shrinkage, as well as guaranteed freshness of foodstuffs and guaranteed authenticity of luxury items.
  • In Forum 5 – Security & Consumer IoT, the presentations by municipalities, universities, system integrators, consumer IoT and security service providers showcase how our everyday lives and urban environments will change due to the implementation of wireless IoT solutions.

Book your ticket to RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow right now and benefit from applied experiences in your field on User Day!

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