Second Day, October 31 2018
Pushing Development.
Most recent developments from the RFID and Wireless IoT world
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Developer Day: Most recent developments from the RFID and Wireless IoT world

Event Info
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
October 31 2018
Darmstadt near Frankfurt, Europe

Under the title “Developer Day”, the latest highly-interesting topics from the world of technology meet solution development for digital processes transformation. On the Developer Day, trailblazers in RFID and wireless IoT technologies will appear on the stages of the four forums. Researchers, designers, business developers, and project managers will show state of the art hardware, software, and currents trends in system integration.

With their talks, international experts demonstrate the state of technology and the direction that development is taking now.

The main focuses lie on:

Forum 1: Research & Innovations
Wireless IoT: From research to market maturity

Forum 1 – Research & Innovations

From research to market maturity: in order to create product innovations, inventive talent and pioneer like mindsets are needed. In the forum „Research & Innovations“ researchers and product developers present their latest results from user oriented projects as well as products resulting from intensive preliminary studies. Advancement and establishment of Wireless IoT is only possible if the degree of innovation with regard to product development remains unchanging. Thereby, thinking outside the box is a must have instead of a nice to have.

“The way RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow brings together users and RFID innovations is unique and guarantees the technology will play a key role in digitisation.“ - Ralf Schulze, Zebra Technologies
Forum 2
Technology & Hardware

Forum 2 – Technology & Hardware

The presentation puts the future of contactless data transfer, as well as hardware developments of readers, antennas, ICs and transponders, printers, and handhelds at the centre of attention. What is state of the art? What market development can be mapped with the newest technological innovations? What is the performance of today’s wireless hardware? Standard design or custom-made – how much individuality is necessary? These and other key questions and their answers take centre stage in the Technology & Hardware Forum.

“With its mix of high-quality conference talks, international exhibitors, and attendees, RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow covers the entire spectrum of RFID. No matter which facet of RFID visitors are most interested in, they are sure to find the right people there.“ - Dieter Horst, Siemens
Forum 3 - Software and; Systemintegration
Software and Systemintegration

Forum 3 – System integration & Software

The integration of a wireless system is more and more complex – and new benefits and opportunities for the users are positive consequences of this development. However, what is realisable today? How are hardware, software, and security brought perfectly in line? Experienced system integrators share their exclusive know-how from countless successful proof of concepts and rollouts. In the end, it’s about the key to an efficient project implementation, a quick ROI, and sustainable results.

"Companies are undergoing a paradigm shift and understand that the value of digitisation cannot be measured the same as an investment into a building or a machine. The decision for digital transformation has to be made at the highest level and include all processes and departments." - Jörg Bald, Winckel
Forum 4: AIDC
Standardisation, Markets, & Challenges

Forum 4 – AIDC: Standardization, Markets, & Challenges

Without standards, there is no sustainable digitisation. But which industrial guidelines are currently being (re-) designed? What standardisation efforts have chances of success? What technology can be invested in today, that will be still be usable tomorrow? Insiders from politics and industry point out the current topics of globally-active working groups at the interfaces of global standards. Their presentations refer to existing and new market developments as well as to which challenges still have to be solved.

"All market participants deal intensively with digitization. It is agreed that action is required. The challenge is to generate clarity regarding the adoption of standards and consistent technologies. " - Anja-Maria Sonntag, SBB Cargo

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