Vortragsprogramm am 20. Oktober
RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021: Konferenzvortragsprogramm am 20. Oktober

Vortragsprogramm am 20. Oktober

tomorrow 2021: Konferenzprogramm

40 Vorträge werden am 20. und 21. Oktober auf der tomorrow 2021 LIVE im RMCC Wiesbaden gehalten.

Internationale Experten teilen ihr Fachwissen und Know-How live von 10:00 MESZ bis 16:50 MESZ an beiden Veranstaltungstagen.

Folgende Themenschwerpunkte werden behandelt:

Industrial IoT & Automotive ┃ Healthcare & Security ┃ Retail & Consumer IoT ┃ Logistics & Supply Chain ┃ Wireless IoT Technologies

Sämtliche Vorträge werden auf englisch gehalten und via Livestream auf die digitale Event-Plattform der tomorrow 2021 DIGITAL übertragen.

Erfahren Sie mehr über Lösungen, Anwendungsmöglichkeiten und Produkte aus der Welt des Wireless IoT.

Das Konferenzprogramm wird stetig aktualisiert. Untenstehend finden Sie die Stars der Konferenz!

Bestätigte Vorträge
Johannes Weil
Johannes Weil
Head of Industry Europe, Elatec
RFID for Retail: Operator Recognition in Consumer Goods Sales
  • Guest speaker: Haris Mahmutovic - Software Developer, Evolution ID
  • A unique encrypted number in an RFID badge or smartphone application can be used to identify a unique operator and link people to sales transactions and sales processes.
  • Learn how you can integrate RFID into the retail environment, and what to look for in a reader for consumer goods sales.
Denso Wave Europe
David Walker
David Walker
Business Dev. Manager EMEA, DENSO WAVE EUROPE
What Keeps Retailers Awake at Night?
How retailers can gain full data visibility of their inventory & assets along the supply chain using RFID and the corresponding cloud and mobile solutions.
Victor Buck Services
Edith Magyarics
Edith Magyarics
CEO, Victor Buck Services
The Revival of Music Cassettes Through NFC Technology
  • Testimonial: Prototype to mass production, client-vendor joint presentation.
  • “Tap-Tape”: A physical package making digital content more valuable, enhancing customer experience.
  • NFC tamper loop design to facilitate copy protection, printed on paper substrate.
  • An eco-friendly locally produced solution.
Zebra Technologies
Daniel Dombach
Daniel Dombach
Director EMEA Industry Solutions, Zebra Technologies
11:00 –11:20
Delivering E-Commerce Fulfillment – With Agility, Accuracy and Efficiency
  • The pandemic has accelerated trends that were already underway.
  • Customer expectations continue to grow along with increased demand on supply chains from e-commerce with 41% of consumers using two or more sales channels while shopping.
  • Hiring, training, and retaining the labour workforce is more difficult than ever.
ALT Technologies
Jelmer Sminia
IR. Jelmer Sminia
Product Development Manager, ALT Technologies
The Automotive Dilemma: OEM RFID & Label Specifications
  • Are RFIDs ever going to replace barcode labels?
  • Will standard RFIDs work with most of the automotive applications?
  • Can quality be improved compared to barcode labels?
  • How to manage every OEM specifying a different RFID?
  • Explanatory use cases from the automotive industry and beyond
Robert Paulus
Robert Paulus
Business Development Manager, Turck Vilant Systems
11:40 –12:00
RFID Tracks Materials, Inventory and Production Process in a Car Factory
  • Production process enhancement with replacing barcodes with RFID
  • Automatic registration of serialized car parts during the production process
  • Ensuring on-time and correct tire type deliveries by RFID enabled shipment verification process
  • Visibility to 70,000 RTIs shipped between 13 regional depots in Europe
HID Global
Richard Aufreiter
Richard Aufreiter
VP of Product Marketing, HID Global
Will it last? 10 Best Practices on RFID and IoT Services for Harsh Environments
  • What types of harsh environments do exist?
  • Why is RFID a technology that is ideal to operate in such environments?
  • Which standards and properties are essential to make it work?
  • Practical use case examples from around the world
Teemu Ainasoja
Teemu Ainasoja
Sales Director, Voyantic
Coexistence of Multiple RAIN RFID Systems in Hospitals
The use of RAIN RFID is booming in the healthcare industry – including hospitals. Hospitals are unique and challenging environments as there may be several RAIN RFID systems operating in parallel. Each system has its own tags and readers, but they are not isolated from each other.
HID Global
Guido Kuhrmann
Guido Kuhrmann
Sales Director DACH RFID & IIoT, HID Global
Utilizing RFID and Cloud Solutions to Optimize Linen Flows for Hospitality & Healthcare
  • Introduction to the RFID laundry market
  • Operational and business challenges in managing linen in hospitality and healthcare
  • Combining UHF RFID technology & cloud software platform to improve linen flow efficiency while reducing overall costs
  • Practical examples of real-world deployments and resulting benefits
Thomas Weisshaupt
Thomas Weisshaupt
Head of D-A-CH, Wirepas Germany
13:30 –13:50
Low Power Asset Tracking Requires a Highly Performing Partner Ecosystem – Wirepas Path from Niche to De-facto Standard
  • Fit for purpose technology fills a cost gap between RFID and UWB
  • Making the business case positive for low accurate but long living location and inventory implementations
  • Expansion of the use cases into Intralogistics, Inventory and Supply Chain
Mieloo & Alexander
Rob Sliedrecht
Rob Sliedrecht
Sales Director, Mieloo & Alexander
13:50 - 14:10
RFID Driven Productivity and Quality Improvement; An Overview of RFID Use Cases in Warehouse and Manufacturing Environments
  • Introduction M&A
  • Drivers behind the adoption of RFID in logistics and manufacturing
  • Examples of RFID implementations at for example Henkel, Arvato, Fehrer, PostNL, Scania, CEVA Logistics
  • Outlook coming years
Kathrein Solutions
Michael Kaiser
Michael Kaiser
Director Product Management, Kathrein Solutions
How your Intralogistics Picks up Pace with RFID-tagged Load Carriers
  • Transparency and control in real time
  • Ensuring high availability and preventing bottlenecks
  • Easy integration of standard processes
  • Efficient implementation of urgent transactions
  • Automatic data transfer to the backend and simultaneous monitoring of the used devices
Ersan Günes
Ersan Günes
CTO und Managing Director, IntraNav
14:30 - 14:50
Process Optimization in eCommerce Warehouses: Efficient Storage & Retrieval with INTRANAV.RTLS
  • Optimization of internal transport orders
  • Seamless indoor & outdoor tracking
  • Intelligent networking and Auto-ID
  • SAP data exchange thanks to hybrid technology
  • Ultra-Wideband (UWB), RFID, SAP, MQTT, RTLS
Wolfgang Weber
Wolfgang Weber
Global Industry Manager, Pepperl+Fuchs
14:50 –15:10
LoRaWAN, Strengths and Limitations of the Technology for Wireless Sensors
  • Technical basics
  • Architecture of the network
  • Comparison with LTE NB IoT
  • Security aspects
  • Applications
Dr. Matthias Jöst
Dr. Matthias Jöst
Committe Leader, omlox
15:10 –15:30
The Open Location Standard - Technology and Vendor Independent Access to Location Data
  • Beyond the vendor lock in - Interoperability as enabler for seamless locating services.
  • Examples how companies benefit from open locating systems.
  • omlox as open community - collaboration and competition.
CISC Semiconductor
DI Josef Preishuber-Pflügl
DI Josef Preishuber-Pflügl
Executive Vice-President, CTO, CISC Semiconductor
15:30 –15:50
How Small IoT Devices and Gadgets Benefit from NFC Based Charging
  • NFC Forum release of NFC-enabled wireless charging
  • Powering and charging smallest and larger IoT devices
  • Configuring and reading data from IoT devices
  • Industrial applications like sensors and connector replacements
Norman Krämer
Norman Krämer
Application Engineer, Microsensys
15:50 –16:10
Wireless Low Power Sensors in Smart IoT Applications
  • Wireless sensors classification
  • Hardware implementation in IoT solutions
  • Mobile reader
  • Sensor application fields
Fraunhofer IIS/mioty alliance
Uwe Scherf
Uwe Scherf
Chairman of the Marketing Committee, mioty alliance
16:10 –16:30
The Mioty Technology – The Future Standard in LPWAN Connectivity for Massive IoT
  • Mioty technology: features and benefits
  • Comparison of LPWAN technologies
  • Use cases for smart cities and industrial IoT
  • Overview of the mioty eco system – from sensor to dash board
  • Upgrade from existing LPWAN to future proof IoT networks
sdc Smart Data Communication
Dipl.-Ing. Kai Kröhnert
Dipl.-Ing. Kai Kröhnert
CEO, sdc Smart Data Communication
16:30 –16:50
From Sensor to Digital Service: Thanks to IoT. An Experience Report”
  • LAN and LPWAN wireless techniques in practice
  • Data security
  • Data availability: data protocols under broadband aspects
  • Smart Data platform for digital services
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