USER DAY, October 30
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User Day: Six Forums Filled to the Brim with Best Practice Presentations

Event Info
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
October 30 2018
Darmstadt near Frankfurt, Europe

The User Day stands for practical innovation, disruptive process alterations, successful proof of concepts, and sustainable rollouts. Across a total of six forums, more than 50 speakers will share exclusive insights into already-realised projects. The focus always lies on changes – the key to being adequately prepared for future challenges.

The User Day doesn’t tell heroic stories but rather answers concrete and individual questions comprehensively. What challenges in which process optimisations can be met, and how? How can arising hurdles be overcome without extra additional effort? The broad range of the forum is the foundation for covering questions and topics specifically from different sectors.

In 2018, every participant can choose from six forums to put together their own individual schedule.

The six main topics in 2018 are:

  • Forum 1 – Automotive
  • Forum 2 – Industrial IoT & Maintenance
  • Forum 3 – Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Forum 4 – Retail & Logistics
  • Forum 5 – Healthcare
  • Forum 6 – Consumer IoT & Smart City
Forum 1
Wireless IIoT in Automotive

Forum 1: Automotive

What are the benefits of employing RFID and wireless IoT in every company in the automotive value-added chain? How can the cross-company, digital data exchange in supply chain processes be designed in a way that profits both sides? Experienced specialists from internationally-active companies and groups as well as speakers from medium-sized enterprises will share their know-how in their talks. Participants in the forum will experience live how challenges in the automotive industry have already been solved.

"For about six years there has been a paradigm shift in the RFID deployment for production: RFID evolves continuously. The technology is deployed in new applications and is becoming an elementary building block of the digital transformation in the industry." - Tatjana Ockert, Airbus Operations
Forum 2 - Wireless IIoT
Wireless IIoT

Forum 2: Industrial IoT & Maintenance

Digitisation of industrial processes: A chance to set the right course today. Smart and sustainable decisions are essential to benefit sustainably from digital solutions in an industrial environment. Speakers demonstrate how to successfully set up a real 4th industrial revolution with IoT solutions that take not only process optimisation but also security aspects into consideration.

"For about six years there has been a paradigm shift in the RFID deployment for production: RFID evolves continuously. The technology is deployed in new applications and is becoming an elementary building block of the digital transformation in the industry." - Tatjana Ockert, Airbus Operations
Forum 3 - Logistics and Supply Chain
Logistics 4.0

Forum 3: Logistics & Supply Chain

Today, even the small shop next door is a part of global flow of goods. Speed, reliability, and quality assurance are the key aspects in the transport of goods. RFID and wireless IoT applications are sustainable solutions for logistics companies to provide the best possible services and fine-grained transparency for condition monitoring to their customers.

"RFID is the basis of the IoT. In order to deploy holistic, company-wide solutions, deciders have to be brought on board and convinced of the long-term benefits of industry-wide RFID use." - Pascal Monsorno, Volkswagen OTLG
Forum 5 - Retail
Fashion & Food retail

Forum 4: Retail & Logistics

Smart mirrors and smart changing rooms, quality checks via NFC and smartphone – this sounds like the future. But what are the real benefits of innovative technologies in the retail sector? Who wins the competition between offline and online shopping – or will omnichannel concepts catch on? For years, all the signs have been pointing to changes in the retail sector– and there is no slowdown in sight. Specialists from the retail world address topics and demonstrate how the biggest challenges can be solved with the help of technology.

“The effect the RFID solution has had on sales in our trial stores has been immediate. Replenishment is now based on accurate information. Item loss is down. Sales are up. After all, you cannot sell what you cannot find.” - Jon Wright, River Island
Forum 5 - Healthcare
Asset Management, Patient Tracking, Sterilisation, Digitisation

Forum 5: Healthcare

Shrinkage of high-priced medical equipment, soiled surgical instruments, wrong medication, and non-compliance with maintenance intervals of life-supporting intensive care devices – these are nightmare scenarios in hospitals, medical practices, and laboratories. In order to prevent these situations and to ensure that processes in healthcare from laundry to item management will work 100 percent accurately, RFID and wireless IoT technologies are used. Which methods are efficient and successful will be shown in Forum 5.

"For hospitals, the efficient allocation of personnel and resources to tasks is the key to optimising healthcare processes from logistics to the operating room." - Lars Ganzhorn Knudsen, Teaching Hospital Aarhus
Forum 6 - Consumer IoT
Wireless CIoT & Smart City

Forum 6: Consumer IoT & Smart City

The city of the future integrates its citizens smartly, and the smartphone becomes the interface of a comfortable and digitised life – so, is everything perfect? Speakers in Forum 6 present recent cases and underline that “smart” does not inevitably mean unsecure. Capturing everyday life data can, when processed responsibly, shape an improved future.

"The importance of the smart card will continue to increase through new applications. Whether in healthcare, logistics, or manufacturing, RFID employee badges permit not only identification, but also managing and monitoring permission and access." - Simon Arch, AEG Identifikationssysteme

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