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All in one cards with 100 percent performance at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow

Different smart-card systems work together on one medium – error-free and highly efficient

All users of hybrid systems or all in one solutions for access control, time tracking, or contactless payment are facing the same challenge: fluctuations in card performance. AEG Identifikationssysteme is tackling this challenge with a new card geometry for smart-cards and keyfobs.

Event Info
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
September 27 & 28 2017
Düsseldorf GER

Multi-functionality makes smart-cards even more important!

Combining different applications into a single smart-card has become standard by now. This constantly creates new smart-card applications:

“The importance of smart-cards will only increase. In healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing, employee badges with RFID enable time tracking and access control. Or they can ensure that only authorised employees can be issued certain tools. In sensitive environments, such as hospitals, RFID badges makes it possible to see which employee completed which procedure for which patient.” - Simon Arch, Marketing & Sales Director, AEG Identifikationssysteme

Innovative card geometry for smart-cards in “security & customer IoT” forum

The first smart-card solutions were introduced around 20 years ago. At RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow, experts present the possibilities of smart-cards today – as well as new technological developments! Simon Arch, Marketing & Sales Director at AEG ID, presents a new card geometry for smart-cards and keyfobs in the “security & customer IoT” forum on User Day, September 28. It enables stable card performance for hybrid systems and all in one solutions for access control, time tracking, and contactless payment.

Library pass, cafeteria card and public transit ticket in one

In the “security & customer IoT” forum, the Humboldt University Berlin presents an all in one solution that would impossible without high-performance smart-card and self-service kiosk technology. Starting in 2018, one card will be library pass, cafeteria card and public transit ticket for over 110,000 Berlin students.

Also at the core of the “security & customer IoT” forum: Smart city applications. The smartest cities in Europe report their successes!

At RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow, providers showcase the whole range of smart-card possibilities today!

Experience use cases live! On the exhibition floor, meet the most experienced providers of smart-card technology from all over the world!

  • AEG Identifikationssysteme shows all in one cards and keyfobs with 100 percent performance
  • B-ID presents smart-cards with fingerprint sensor, dot matrix display, buttons and dynamic mag stripes
  • COMPRION provides solutions for exhaustively testing smart-cards (and more)
  • FEIG Electronic showcases the HF card reader MAX50.10 and other proven access control solutions
  • HUAYUAN Electronic provides a high speed personalisation solution for contactless cards
  • SAG specialises in miniaturisation, RF fine tuning, and high temperature PET cards
  • Confidex is one of the leading providers of ticketing solutions and access control cards
  • NXP Semiconductors presents the ICs for smart-card applications in all industries and sectors.

Book your ticket for RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow right now and benefit from applied expertise when it comes to all your smart-card needs!

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